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REA uniformed Officers are highly trained with State certified credentials. REA looks for the best individuals in the business because our clients deserve nothing less. REA Officers not only meet the industry need but exceed it in every category our clients demand. Officers are put through an extensive background prior to employment offer and placed on a job site.


REA offers close protection (EP) to mitigate risk and ensure safety of high profile individuals and their families. In a world full of uncertainty and hidden dangerous, it becomes apparent the need of trained EP professionals with experience and knowledge is a necessity.


The most important aspect of Security and Prevention of crisis is in planing. REA's Threat Assessment team does just that by using proven data and current crime trends. We also tailor our Threat/Risk Assessment on client need basis and the proactive mentality of eliminating threats before they become reality.

Our Mission

We understand that selecting the right security team is a critical decision, and we are committed to exceeding all expectations by delivering first-class security services to all our clients. At REA Security, we are dedicated to providing a high level of professionalism and fostering a culture of excellence within our team. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and reliability sets us apart as the leading provider of security services in the industry.

REA Commercial Security proposes to provide security services on foot patrol. In addition, we will provide checkpoints throughout the property for the accountability that our services are being provided daily. Our services will include a daily activity report of any unusual activity which will be sent directly to the property’s provided email address, as well as any additional email addresses if needed.
A 24 hour phone number is also given to report any suspicious behavior in which our onsite security officer will attend to. In addition
our onsite security officer will be provided with a mobile phone as to assure that they are able to be contacted at any time.

“Security is not a product. It is a process.”



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